Localを知り尽くす旅 ー カキハラ磯 ー 

Oshima Adventures Discover Local / Kakihara Beach


The shoreline road connecting Hotel Kailani to Fudeshima is a visual history of centuries of volcanic activity. This video features a geo-spot that you can explore by taking a scenic walk to Fudeshima, a majestic island outcropping named for its remarkable resemblance to the tip of a calligraphy brush.


The unique contours you see along the way are serendipitous creations of nature. Lava projectiles from a 9th century eruption spewed the area, and a lucky few were molded over time to form these stunning natural sculptures. The erosion continues today, framing a picturesque landscape that we can all enjoy throughout the ongoing transformations.


This 9th century eruption birthed Habu Lake, a crater lake formed by a phreatomagmatic explosion (volcanic eruption resulting from interaction between magma and water). The lake, once filled with pure crystalline water, underwent its own transformation when the 1703 Genroku earthquake and tsunami connected the crater lake with the ocean. The encircled water surrounded by natural formations is what we now call Habu Port.


When volcanic fragments fall and are embedded into wet sediment, they form a crater in the immediately surrounding area, causing a “sagging” of the earth or “bomb-sags.” The landscape marvels reveal remarkably beautiful strata -- masterpieces of centuries of natural erosion.


The “bomb-sags” of Kakihara Beach are one of the many of nature’s gifts that you will find on Izu Oshima, a special island born of powerful volcanic activity.

Retrace the footsteps of the past…Discover Local.